The Stiff lighthouse, 33 meters high, is the first built on the island and is used to guide navigators coming from the open sea or from North Finistère as well as those going to Ouessant.

The lighthouse light was put into service for the first time in 1700. It then runs on wood imported from the continent and coal, but only during the winter period.
Since 1978, the large radar tower has accompanied it in its surveillance of the entrance to the English Channel.
It is today electrified, automated and remotely controlled from Créac’h. It can be recognized by its 2 red flashes every 20 seconds with a range of 24 miles.

The lighthouse is open to the public during school holidays. After climbing the 104 steps, you can enjoy, in good weather conditions, of an exceptional panorama of the Sea. This allows you to have a different point of view on the islands, but also on the continent, which can be distinguished from l’île vierge to Sein island.