More than anywhere else, in Ouessant, in the heart of the Iroise Natural Reserve, the conservation of biodiversity, the economic sustainable development, and the environmental education are major challenges.
In the context of an energy and ecological transition of the island, the production and reasoned management of energy are essential.

The hotel adopts an eco-responsible approach of the use of the resources from its renovation and for its operations.

Virtuous Renovation

Custom-designed furniture is made from sustainable materials such as wood (local chestnut, wood floors from certified forests), steel, linen, cotton, excluding plastic materials.

A Local-food restauran

– Water served at the table, treated and optionally carbonated, comes from the island’s natural reserves.

– A menu that focus on products from fishermen, vegetable producers and farmers from the region.

Eco-Responsible Management

– Rainwater is collected and stored to be redistributed, in part, directly into the sanitary network or to be treated and filtered to supply the linen room.

– Centralized and optimized management of electricity consumption – lighting, heating, catering.

– An ambitious policy of waste recycling.

– The use of eco-certified cleaning products.