The first classical music festival dedicated to women musicians and composers from around the world.

It was in 2001, on the island of Ouessant, whose legendary name is “the island of women”, that Lydia Jardon, artistic and general director, created the classical music festival “Musiciennes à Ouessant” in tribute to composers, mostly performed by women.

One of the wishes of the festival is to unearth from the world’s musical heritage little-known, sometimes forgotten, composers who have real artistic value, and to associate them during concerts with the great masters of classical music.

Around a musical program which combines novelty, originality and rarity, the public can hear young international performers, including some winners of international competitions, who join with passion in these exceptional moments.

Since its creation, the “Musiciennes à Ouessant” festival has honored 17 composers from different eras from the four corners of the world.

Photos : Nicole Gallinaro